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The Middle Years Programme (MYP) Physics lessons are all about helping kids aged 11 to 16 really understand how things work in the world around them. They get to explore lots of cool stuff like why things move, how heat works, why magnets attract each other, and even how light behaves. It’s not just about learning facts; it’s about figuring things out through experiments and hands-on activities. By doing this, students not only learn the science behind things but also how to think critically, solve problems, and work well with others. This sets them up for success in more advanced physics classes and helps them become better at solving problems in their everyday lives.

What You’ll Learn

  • In PYP Physics, students will learn:

– Fundamental principles of motion, including speed, velocity, and acceleration
– Properties of matter, such as density, mass, and volume
– Basics of energy, including forms like kinetic and potential energy
– Concepts of force and how it affects objects
– Understanding of simple machines and their functions
– Exploration of electricity and magnetism
– Introduction to light and sound waves
– Investigation of heat and temperature
– Understanding the Earth’s forces like gravity and magnetism
– Exploration of basic principles of astronomy, such as the solar system and celestial bodies


  • Principles of motion: velocity, acceleration, forces
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Momentum and energy conservation
  • Heat, temperature, energy transfer
  • Laws of thermodynamics
  • Heat engines, refrigeration
Electricity and Magnetism
  • Electric circuits
  • Magnetic fields
  • Electromagnetism, including Ohm’s law
  • Types of waves: light, sound
  • Wave properties: wavelength, frequency, amplitude
  • Interference, diffraction, resonance
  • Reflection and refraction
  • Lens and mirror behavior
  • Color vision, polarization
Nuclear Physics
  • Atomic structure
  • Radioactivity
  • Nuclear reactions, including fission and fusion
  • Solar system, stars, galaxies
  • Stellar evolution
  • Cosmology, including the Big Bang theory
Quantum Physics
  • Dual nature of light and matter
  • Quantum states
  • Wave-particle duality
  • Special and general relativity
  • Time dilation, length contraction
  • Curvature of spacetime
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