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IB Schools in Delhi and Gurgaon is a much well-known and recognized board, not solely in Delhi however conjointly in numerous elements of the country also. IB schools in Gurgaon and Delhi is not like other boards, World Health Organization would solely, allow you to explore just some courses, and however, instead, we’d allow you to offer several career opportunities. And these opportunities might end up your career into one thing over wonderful.

Now, this can be one in every one of the numerous benefits of learning in IB board, and this makes it far better than the other panels. Even makes it a lot of acknowledging, internationally in numerous aspects of the education field. And different states have conjointly started adopting this sort of board into their variety of education also. But first, allow us to recognize some important things regarding the IB board and the way it helps you to possess success in your life.

What is an IB school?

IB is an international education programme with the full word ” International Baccalaureate.” This IB school programme promotes personal and educational performance, challenging the scholars to do better in their studies and particular advancement. IB pupils strive to become inquirers, informed, masters, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, stabilized and thoughtful.

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All schools authorized to offer IB programmes is notable as an IB world school. International Baccalaureate world schools are devoted to active, creative teaching and permit their scholars to study at institutes worldwide. The purpose of IB schools is to cultivate believable, socially aware grown-ups who use their cross-cultural instruction to nurture world serenity. IB schools have increased well-known in later years. IB schools mission is “The International Baccalaureate strives to evolve exploring, conscious, and supervising new people who help to build a fairer and more friendly nation through intercultural belief and respect.”

International Baccalaureate previously titled the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), is a non-profit organization. Its headquarters exist in Geneva, Switzerland. It was laid the first stone on 25th October in the year 1968(about 52 years ago), by Mr. John Goormaghtigh. IB proposes four scholastic programmes:

  1. The IB diploma programme (for students aged 15-19 years), educates pupils for university surveys and expressive life beyond the university.
  2. The IB middle years programme (for students aged 11-16 years), assists learners to generate relations between themselves and the incredible nation.
  3. The IB primary years programme (for children aged 3-12 years), encourages learners to formulate techniques of analysis so that they can inquire about issues and think critically.
  4. Career-related Programme refers to the moralities of IB to followers who aspire to pursue career-related observation.

In the last few years, IB schools have evolved over the world. As a cross, artistic conception and second language aptitudes are increasingly extra important. Scholars and parents got attracted to the International essence of these programmes and their solid preparation for academics to prevail in an entire globe.

Similarly, specialists have spoken of the impressive integrity of the IB schools programmes, and the programmes are praised for their excellence and the assurance of their students and educators within IB academies.

IB schools in Delhi 

International Baccalaureate is established in Switzerland and this curriculum’s motive is to create lifelong learning personalities and open-minded people of the entire civilization. IB schools curriculum assures a holistic approach towards the pedagogy. There are numerous top schools in India that convey prime ib tuition to learners in all standards.

The Chart of IB schools in Delhi is expanding year by year which represents the best education and co-curricular training. Parents wanting admissions may be distracted by the pinnacle IB schools of Delhi analyzing various parameters. To make them satisfied and convenient.

Here we deliver a list of top International Baccalaureate schools in Delhi NCR 2021.

1. The British School, Delhi

The British School, Delhi is a self-sufficient, multicultural, English medium co-educational International Baccalaureate world school, with a brilliant and bright director Vanita Uppal OBE. This is a day type school, with an age extent of 3-18 years. The British School, Delhi was built in the year 1963, with the tagline “Thrive, Believe, Succeed.” The nonprofit organisation is categorized to EYFS programme, the IGCSE, National Curriculum of England and the IB diploma programme. With over 1200 registrations from 66 nationalities. The school empowers student-centred education in a steady, encouraging and multicultural atmosphere. The British School, Delhi occurred an honour by BISA (British International School Awards) in London, England in January 2018 and also received the Fortune India’s Future 50 Schools Shaping Success prize. It is in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110021, India.

2. Apeejay School International Wings, Sheikh Sarai, Delhi

Apeejay School International is one of the pinnacle international baccalaureate schools situated at a prime location in South Delhi in the supervision of a well-behaved personality as it’s principal Ms. Ritu Mehta. This is scheduled to be Delhi’s first, day boarding school with the province of the craft, fully air-conditioned construction in the center, and sporting installations is situated superiorly. The philosophy of the school is pointed on publishing high quality, internationally praised rigour and all-around a child’s development in all the dimensions, bodily, mental, and moral, within limited and global contexts adopting visionary pedagogical manners. This school is a nursery to 12 co-educational private International schools stabilized by Sushma Berlia in the year 1975, with the slogan “Soaring High Is My Nature.” Additionally, other aspects, for example, leadership, and sports supervision and custody are approximately interlaced in the academic curriculum. The school has a superiority of standing as the first school in the nation to label it’s name in The Limca Book of World Records for organising a car rally on 19th December 1999. This brilliantly organized place is got at Sheikh Sarai Phase-I, New Delhi, Delhi, Panchsheel park 110017 India.

3. American Embassy School, Delhi

The American Embassy School, South Delhi, India, is also one of the best IB schools and a self-reliant, co-educational day school which proposes an educational strategy from pre-kinder-garden through 12th class. The school was set up in 1952. Where high school principal is Iftekhar Syed and the head of the school is Mr. James Laney Jr. The school has 146 crew members, 122 for a great time, and rest for a limited time. The total number of students is about 1160, 510 for grade 5, 310 middle, and 340 for high. Annual tuition fee is about $18,020-$29,598. This school makes the learning pupils understand the value of their given slogan, “Enter To Learn And Leave To Serve”. 

The American Embassy School engaged to be a piece of The South Asian Inter Scholastic Association (SAISA). During the period the American embassies were recognized as the AES Falcons and the colours provided to the schools were red and white clouds. AES has a large library with over 30,000 tales and source of editions, 138 journals and 2400 tapes. Nearly every classroom has a ceiling-mounted projector. There are too many facilities like cameras, digital microscopes, digital cameras, data probes, video cameras, audiotaping tools, GPS devices and scanners. This IB school also has MakerSpaces in each department. If Indian student desires to get admission in this school then there are some conditions for getting admission that are:

  • The student’s parent must live in India for 2 or three years
  • And the student should come from American or international system of education.

The American Embassy School is located in Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India.

Best IB Schools in Delhi

S. NoSchool NameWebsite
1The British Schoolhttps://www.british-school.org/
2Apeejay School International https://intl.apeejay.edu/
3American Embassy Schoolhttps://www.aes.ac.in/
4Excelsior American Schoolhttps://www.excelsioreducation.org/
5GD Goenka Global Schoolhttps://gdgoenkaglobal.com/
6The heritage Experiential Learninghttps://www.heritagexperiential.org/
7Genesis Global Schoolhttps://www.genesisglobalschool.edu.in/
8Scottish High International Schoolhttps://www.scottishigh.com/
9Lancers International Schoolhttp://www.lis.ac.in/
10Excelsior American Schoolhttps://www.excelsioreducation.org/
11Pathways World School Aravalihttps://www.pathways.in/aravali

IB Schools in Gurgaon

We’re helping you to search for the best IB schools. Here is the detailed roster of IB World Schools in Gurgaon (Gurugram) India assistance Primary Year Programme, Middle Year Programme and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) of International Baccalaureate (IB schools) with data on Expenses, Admission protocol,& Curriculum, Facilities, Contacts and addresses. 

This chart of Top Best IB Schools in Gurgaon (Gurugram) India. See the name of the IB school for information on entry, expenses, curriculum, phone numbers for communication if any query, ratings and reviews of best International Baccalaureate School in Gurugram. 

 They provide a profoundly prepared, certain and specific mentor, who are highly proficient and trained IB instructor and scholar master through Delhi NCR. They allow both the costs home academic costs as well as online educational costs. The books furnished by them make understudies even more comfortable and satisfying with the manner of interrogation asked in their exams. 

They provide past year’s exam papers, assigned projects and books for an understudy. These books are an outstandingly accomplished as an invariably profitable understudy over the entire world. The popularity that IB schools programme earned is obviously for a good reason. It targets a comprehensive variation of subjects that confirms all over improvement of a child and this is why the IB school system is recognised for. 

As being parents, it is crucial for us to wait for a moment and have a look toward the best and research for the best board of education, where a child can learn and get enough acknowledgment to improvement by all means. If one is intending their child rise and evolve holistically, then let your child make study in an IB school, it will definitely be your greatest decision ever. Here is an encyclopedic record of IB schools in Gurgaon.

1. Excelsior American School, Sector 43, Gurgaon (Gurugram)

Excelsior American School, Gurgaon (Gurugram), is a Higher Secondary School, running by the International Baccalaureate (IB) school. From Pre-nursery to XII classes. It is an English Medium school. This school was developed in the year 2008. It is one of the private schools with the grade of the class nursery to class XII in Gurgaon

It is also a Co-educational, Boarding school, who assistance the academic desire of numerous of beginners from Pre-nursery through XII. The grades in Excelsior American School starts it’s an academic year by the April month. Ms Rita and Mr. Hersh Kumar are the founders of this extremely significant foundation. 

They also helped the education system with many schools outward India. Excelsior also donates an elective after academy supervision programme to the kids. This great building of acknowledging is located, behind Dell building C-2 Block, Sushant Lok, Phase – 1 Sector 43 Gurgaon (HR), in the prosperous shadow of Principal: Geeta Sachdeva. 

2. GD Goenka Global School, Gurgaon (Gurugram)

The GD Goenka World School, Gurgaon is run by a group of institutional academies. After finalizing Class 5, all students are switched to GD Goenka World School. This is a school where girls and boys jointly learn. 

It is a Boarding, Day School, who benefits the scholastic need of numerous of learners from Nursery through V. In GD Goenka Global School for every academic year classes starts from April. This school accepts admissions throughout the year.  This great educational institution is run by the International Baccalaureate (IB) school. 

This is a school where girls as well as boys both earn the values equally, here ate classes from Nursery to V. It is an English Medium school. An amazing building of this foundation is built in DLF phase 3 amazes everyone. GD Goenka Global School is overseen by GD Goenka Group. The beautiful building of GD Goenka School is got at  S-3130, DLF3, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122010. India. It’s principal is Mr John Last..

3. The heritage Experiential Learning School, Gurgaon (Gurugram)

 The Heritage Learning School Gurugram is a Higher Secondary School (XI-XII), International Baccalaureate (IB) school, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), and CBSE. This is a Co-education running organization, and boarding school with strategies from Nursery class to XII classes. This is an English Medium institute. This school is uncovered in Gurugram, in sector 62. 

Heritage Learning School was ascertained as a Private School) and is managed by Lord Krishna Educational Society. This school conducts a college Board test center and supervises SAT and PSAT examinations as well those for 9th to 11th class. 
It is an English medium, private, co-educational, and day boarding school with the grades nursery to class XII and admission period September onwards. The school located in Gurgaon Haryana sector 62 pin code 122011 – INDIA. The chairman of the school is Mr. N.C. Jain and the principal are Ms. Kaye Jacob.

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