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Welcome to our Mathematics page, At Ib Classes, we understand the pivotal role mathematics plays in education and everyday life. Our mathematics program is designed to demystify this subject and make it accessible and enjoyable for students of all levels. Whether you’re tackling algebra, calculus, geometry, or any other math-related challenges, our expert tutors are here to simplify complex concepts and guide you towards mathematical mastery. 




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What You Will Learn

Fundamental Mathematical Concepts

 Explore core mathematical principles, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and calculus.

Problem-Solving Skills

Develop strong problem-solving abilities through a variety of mathematical exercises and puzzles.

Advanced Topics

Dive into advanced topics like trigonometry, statistics, and linear algebra for a deeper understanding.

IB Curriculum Support

Receive specialized assistance for International Baccalaureate (IB) Mathematics courses.

Exam Preparation

Prepare effectively for standardized tests and exams with our comprehensive study materials and guidance.

Personalized Tutoring

Benefit from one-on-one tutoring sessions tailored to your individual needs and learning pace.


Grade 11 (IB Maths Year 1)

1. **IB Maths SL Year 1:** In your first year of IB Maths SL, we provide a strong foundation in core mathematical concepts. Our expert tutors cover algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics to ensure you’re well-prepared for the IB journey.

2. **IB Maths HL Year 1:** For students tackling IB Maths HL, we offer advanced instruction in algebra, calculus, and other challenging topics. Our goal is to set a solid groundwork for the more rigorous second year.

Grade 12 (IB Maths Year 2)

3. **IB Maths SL Year 2:** Building on your Year 1 knowledge, we delve deeper into IB Maths SL topics, including calculus and probability. We focus on honing your problem-solving skills for the final exams.

4. **IB Maths HL Year 2:** In your second year of IB Maths HL, we offer specialized support for complex topics like calculus, vectors, and matrices. Our intensive exam preparation ensures you’re ready to excel in the IB final assessments.

**Additional Services for All Grades**

5. **Individualized Tutoring:** We provide personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions for students at all grade levels, ensuring that your unique needs are met.

6. **Exam Readiness:** Our program includes targeted exam preparation materials such as practice exams, past papers, and revision guides to help you perform your best in IB Maths assessments.

7. **Concept Mastery:** We prioritize deep understanding of mathematical principles, not just memorization. Our tutors use real-world examples and practical applications to enhance your learning experience.

8. **Flexible Scheduling:** We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your academic calendar and busy lifestyle.

9. **Progress Tracking:** Track your academic progress with our tools and assessments to ensure you’re on the right path to success in IB Maths.

Join us at Ib Classes to navigate your IB Maths journey, whether you’re in Year 1 or Year 2, and let us help you achieve excellence in your IB Maths studies.

Our MYP Maths Services

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in mathematics. Our specialized MYP Maths services include:

MYP Year 1 (Grades 6-7)

MYP Mathematics Foundation: In the first year of MYP, we focus on building a strong foundation in essential mathematical concepts. Our engaging lessons cover algebra, geometry, and data analysis to prepare students for more advanced topics.

Conceptual Understanding: We prioritize deep conceptual understanding over rote memorization, ensuring that students grasp the “why” behind mathematical principles.

MYP Year 2 (Grades 8-10)Advanced MYP Maths: As students progress in the MYP, our services extend to cover more advanced topics, including trigonometry, calculus, and probability, to prepare them for the demands of the program’s later years.Exploration and Inquiry: We encourage students to explore mathematical concepts through inquiry-based learning, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Additional MYP Services

Individualized Support: Our personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions cater to each student’s specific learning needs, ensuring they receive the attention and guidance they require.

Assessment Preparation: Our program includes exam preparation materials, practice assessments, and strategies to help MYP students excel in their math assessments.

Progress Monitoring: We provide tools for tracking academic progress, allowing students to stay on track and make informed improvements.

Our PYP Maths Services

For the Primary Years Programme (PYP), we offer tailored support to help young learners develop a strong mathematical foundation:

PYP Mathematics Exploration: We introduce primary school students to fundamental mathematical concepts through hands-on activities and interactive lessons.

Mathematical Confidence: Our aim is to build students’ confidence in math by making it fun, engaging, and relatable to real-life situations.

Concept-Based Learning: We focus on teaching key mathematical concepts in a way that is age-appropriate and easy to understand.

Individualized Attention: Our instructors provide individualized attention to help young learners grasp math at their own pace.

Math Games and Activities: We incorporate math games, puzzles, and activities to make learning enjoyable and interactive.

Parent Involvement: We encourage parents to be part of their child’s math journey, providing guidance on how to support math learning at home.

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Welcome to our Mathematics Learning Page! Mathematics is not just a subject; it’s a language that unlocks the mysteries of the universe. Whether you’re looking to build a strong foundation in basic math concepts or delve into advanced calculus and algebra, our comprehensive resources and expert guidance will pave the way for your mathematical success. From practical problem-solving techniques to abstract mathematical theory, we’re here to demystify the world of numbers and equations. So, let’s embark on this mathematical adventure together and watch your understanding and proficiency in mathematics soar to new heights!


We are passionate about helping students achieve excellence in mathematics. Mathematics is not just a subject; it’s a powerful tool that can unlock countless opportunities in various fields. Our dedicated team of experienced tutors is here to empower students with the knowledge and skills they need to conquer even the most challenging mathematical concepts. Whether you’re preparing for exams, aiming for top scores, or simply looking to improve your math proficiency, our comprehensive mathematics program is designed to cater to your unique needs. Join us on this journey of mathematical discovery and let’s work together to achieve your academic and career aspirations. With Ib Classes, your success in mathematics is within reach.


Success in mathematics is not just about solving equations and equations; it’s about building a strong foundation of understanding, problem-solving skills, and a growth mindset. At our Mathematics page, we are committed to helping you succeed in this critical subject. Whether you’re tackling basic arithmetic or diving into advanced calculus, we provide the resources, guidance, and support you need to excel. With a team of experienced educators and a wealth of interactive materials, we aim to make math not only accessible but enjoyable. Embrace the world of numbers and formulas with confidence, and let us be your partner in your mathematical journey towards success. Together, we’ll conquer the challenges and celebrate the victories in the world of mathematics!

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