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IB tuition in Delhi is a very well-known board, not only in Delhi But also in different parts of the country as well. IB board is not like some other boards, who would only let you explore only some courses, but rather we would let you give many career opportunities. And these opportunities could turn out your career into something more than great.

Now, this is one of the major advantages of studying on an IB board and this makes it much better than any other board. Even makes it more reputed, internationally in various aspects of the education field. And because many other states have also started adopting this kind of board into their style of education as well. But first let us know some key things about the IB board and how it helps you to have a good success in your life.

What is the IB Board of Directors and how does it work?

The IB Board of Directors is actually known as the International Baccalaureate. And as the word international in its name, it also provides all the benefits of being in an international board and also studying from it.

Its headquarters is at Grand Saconnex in Switzerland and was established in 1983. And in the same year, the Indian Government approved the IB board to be flourished in India in 1983. Unfortunately, IB board doesn’t have its own building in India, but it has got plans to establish it in India in coming years and to have a firm root over here.

The main and the key reason for starting this board in India is to educate children as well as the parents, a right education and a spot in society. It not only teaches the needs of a Child but also makes it easier for parents to help their children in studying.

Now, the IB board mainly works in 4 categories that are, Primary year’s program, Middle years program, Diploma program and Career-related program.

The primary year program is for students who are 3-12 years of age and are currently getting used to different aspects of subjects. Even studying all the subjects in a very basic form. 

The middle year program is all about the students who are of 12-16 years of age, and are getting into a place, where they have to take one of the biggest steps in their life. As this step can entirely change their career into something, which could either turn out into something good or sometimes entirely very bad.

Now, the Diploma year program is all about those students which have passed the 10th standard, and are currently pursuing the 11th or 12th standard education from any reputed board.

The Diploma year program is subsequent to the 11th and 12th standard education. However, the diploma course is all about doing that education in a career-oriented pattern. The Diploma year program is specifically based on which career pattern you have to do in your life and work on it, in a better way.

Now, the most important career related program is to find a very career job which has everything suitable according to your needs. And this our main goal is to provide a secure future which is fully suitable according to your needs.

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IB Computer Science textbook

IB computer science textbook is basically for the IB Diploma program students who want to secure their future in a vast field of Computer science. The Core Computer Science book was written by one of the very famous book authors Kostas Dimitriou and Markos Hatzitaskos in 2015. 

The main aim of this book is to educate the upcoming generation with good knowledge about the vast field of Computer science in a very simple and not so sophisticated way. However, this is a very new program in India and this program has created a good amount of students who know very well, about the core things and programs of Computer Science. Every single information, which is present in this book, is very easy and flexible to read. And even the pattern of learning which is there in it, is also according to the educational setting of the 21st century. 

This book also comprises only things which are very much in a very easy English format, which would also educate the students to even learn those easy English words and also to apply those words and sentences into their daily lifestyle as well. All these things would benefit you and your future in a very big format. 

The very key feature of this book is that it is in a very illustrious and detailed format. And only has those things which contain the key features about everything. From the proper use of all the formats to every single point in a very basic format. Even all the references used in it, are from very reputed books of International Universities.

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