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IB Tuition in Delhi is high in demand these days, and also the IB tutors in Delhi. And it’s all because of the advanced curriculum of the IB board. Unlike other educational boards, the IB board is not bound to a single professional arena. But, it gives you versatile career opportunities.

It is one of the outstanding advantages of the IB board, which makes it superior to others. Other than this, there are a lot of qualities that give you a prominent reason to prefer the IB board over any other educational Board. And that is why IB schools, and IB tuition in Delhi or the other Indian States are getting great Popularity these days.

Therefore, here I am to discuss all the essential details you need to know about the IB Board. The details here will include:

  1. What is the IB Board, and How It Works? 
  2. Why should you Prefer the IB Board over other educational Boards?
  3. How to get admission to IB Board?
  4. What are some best IB schools in Delhi?
  5. What are some best IB tuition in Delhi, and some best IB tutors in Delhi?

And, I am damn sure that, once you go through this article thoroughly, you will start preferring this educational board over others. 

Ok, let’s discuss all these details one by one. 

What Is The IB Board, And How Does It Work?

The full form of the IB Board is the International baccalaureate. And, as the name suggests, it is an international Board. This Educational Board has its Main headquarter in Grand-Saconnex in Switzerland. This board came into existence in 1968, and the Indian Government accepted it in 1983.

It does not have any physical office in India yet, but the Board is planning to establish one here in India. The main motive behind starting this Board was to help those parents who travel across the world for some reason and therefore can’t admit their children in a single school, state, or nation. The other reason for the establishment of this educational body is to make it easier for students to get admission in an abroad school.

Currently, there are somewhere around 176 IB schools in India. And the Board is planning to open more schools in the coming years. There are four types of IB schools in India that are:- 

  1. Primary Years Programme. 
  2. Middle Years Programme.
  3. Diploma Programme. 
  4. Career-related Programme.

Primary Years Programme

The Primary Years Programme is for students between the ages group 3 to 12. Currently, in India, approximately 91 schools are offering this program. And, in financially stable States like Delhi, you may easily find the best IB tuition in Delhi as well. To do so, you need to search for the best IB tuition in Delhi or the best IB tutors in Delhi. 

Middle Years Programme

The Middle Years Programme of the IB education Board covers the students between the ages group 12 to 16. In the Indian States like Delhi, you may easily find the best IB tuition in Delhi that may help you with the Middle Years Programme of IB Board.

Currently, there are 39 schools in India offering this program. During this period, the board concentrates on developing some most essential qualities in students. And these qualities help the students later in bright career growth. Those qualities are:- 

  1. Potential development of students to make them comfortable to take various educational stresses. IB students are physiologically stronger than students of other educational boards in India. Also, they have comparatively more efficiency and concentration. And it’s all because of its education system. 
  2. This helps in exploring their learning preferences. 
  3. It prepares them to be able to take risks with proper planning and management. It has been found many times that students from other boards, even from the CBSE board, or ICSE board, are quite weaker in decision-making factors. And when it comes to taking some risk in life regarding the study and related things, they fail to plan accordingly. It has been a serious issue why most of the Indians get it hard to find a quality job in foreign nations. But, those who have done the Middle Years Programme from an IB school, may never face any such issue. 
  4. This program also focuses on personality development. 

You may easily find the best IB tutors in Delhi for this educational program. 

Diploma Programme

It is almost similar to that of class 11 and 12 of other educational boards. Like other educational boards, it does not force you to choose a single stream of study and profession.

But, instead, it gives you the freehand to try your luck in other fields as well. Students from CBSE or other Boards if choose science, can’t choose any subject from Art or Commerce Stream, and vice versa. But the IB board offers you to do so without any trouble.

It offers you 7 subjects to choose from. And, You can cover Science, Commerce, and Arts all three under your chosen subjects. Out of these 7 subjects, one subject is optional.

At present, 138 schools are offering the Diploma program. If you need the best IB tuition in Delhi for this program or the best IB tutors in Delhi, you may easily find it on the internet.

It is the second most cheaper than other educational programs under the IB board, and so the IB tutors in Delhi for this IB education program.

Career-related Programme

The purpose of this program is to make the students professionally fit to get a decent job in reputed companies. Along with the career-related courses, and related technical education, it includes things like proper coordination in the profession, Stress management in the profession, and so on.

And this way, it makes it quite easier to get a decent job in foreign nations as well. 

Most of the students from other educational boards, find it hard to take that work stress. Also, it becomes hard for them to maintain proper coordination during the starting days of their career.

Also, they are not technically sound enough. And all such things make them unfit to work in a big company. 

But, there is nothing such an issue with the IB board. And the board ensures to develop all the essential professional qualities in students.

You may easily find some highly experienced IB tutors in Delhi who may help you with this education program.

Why Should You Prefer The IB Board Over Other Educational Boards?

There are millions of reasons to prefer the IB Board over other educational boards. And also, you may not face any difficulty to find the best IB tuition in Delhi, or at other locations as well.

That IB tuition in Delhi classes provides the most experienced IB tutors in Delhi. And it helps IB students in a better and comfortable understanding of each subject. Some of the advanced qualities of this board are: 

  1. Here, the practical skills are equally valued, and therefore, students from this board perform practically great as well. Thus, they are professionally more fit for every type of job. Whereas students from other boards may have sound theoretical knowledge, but when it comes to practical implementation they may fail, and that is one of the main reasons why it becomes hard for them to get a decent job in a reputed company. But, IB students are skilled in Theory and Practical both. 
  2. It also concentrates on Physical development and personality development. And these two things are very crucial for a better professional and personal life. Also, it helps students live a decent and respected life in society. IB board considers these two as the most crucial parts of their education system. On the other hand, other educational boards mostly concentrate on theoretical studies only. And they never take these two subjects seriously at all. you may hardly see any physical development classes there. And it is almost impossible to find any of their schools that may be considering personality development as a subject. 
  3. CBSE and other educational Boards force students to limit their future in a single educational arena. As per the educational system of these boards, science students are forced to choose a subject like Chemistry, Bio or Math, IT, and one language paper. And they can never choose any subject from the Art stream or the commerce stream. Art students and Commerce students face a similar problem. And it means a science student from these educational boards may never build any career related to the commerce or art stream, and vice versa. On the other hand, IB students never face any such issue, students may choose their favorite subjects from science, commerce, and arts, and study accordingly. The only restriction is that they can not choose more than 7 subjects. 
  4. Also, if a student from other Indian educational boards takes admission to a foreign school, he/she may feel it quite difficult to adjust to the foreign education system. And it may even lead to a serious issue. On the other hand, the IB board has designed the education system as per the international education system. And, therefore, it does not matter in which nation, the students are studying, because the pattern and syllabus are the same everywhere. And thus, it is helpful for the parents who can’t admit their child in a fixed school, and a fixed nation. 

How to get admission to IB Board?

It is quite easy to get admission to the IB board, and students may never face any trouble in doing so. It is equally easier to find the best IB tuition in Delhi, or at some other locations as well.

You may find the best IB tutors in Delhi, or other locations as well. To get admission to the best IB school follow the steps given here. 

  1. First of all, find some best IB schools online. 
  2. Once you choose some school, you should do the campus tours to ensure the facilities provided, and to inquire about the fee amount. And make the final decision accordingly. 
  3. After that, just fill up the registration form, and submit the required documents. They may ask to submit one passport size photograph of the student’s parents, one passport size photograph of the student, Present address proof, and the previous school report card if available. 
  4. Then, the Parent-Teacher meeting happens. And if this meeting goes well, the next step is the Student-teacher meeting. 
  5. After that, parents need to deposit the asked admission fee, and fill up and submit the admission form. Then, the school provides things like a booklist, syllabus, uniform, and some other essentials. 
  6. School also provides the offer letter and a confirmation letter after a few days. The confirmation letter is to ensure the parent that the school has registered their child as a student there.

And, it’s done. Now the admission process is complete. Now you only need to submit the monthly, half yearly, or yearly fee as per school norms. 

What Are Some Best IB Schools In Delhi?

Here, I am suggesting you the best 14 IB schools in Delhi along with their fee structures. All of them are performing well at present, and you may choose any of them as per your choice. 

Let’s take a look, 

The British School 

It offers the grade up to class 12. British school is a day school and offers an IGCSE board as well. It may cost somewhere around INR 706000 per year.

The Pathway World School

It is also a day school and offers the grade up to class 12. But, additionally, it offers the boarding service as well. It follows the IB board only. And it charges the fee somewhere around 400000 INR per year.

However, it is in Gurgaon, but, with metro service, it is quite easier to cover the distance from any part of Delhi. It may hardly take an hour and a half. And there is nothing wrong to do so for a better future of the student. 

Lancers International School

It takes the fee somewhere around INR 382500. Similar to that of the Pathway World school, it offers the day school service cum boarding school service. And students and parents may choose any as per convenience.

It offers the Class from up to 12th and supports the IB board, and the IGCSE board both. This school is in DLF phase 5, sector 53. 

If you are looking for some best IB tuition in Delhi or some best IB tutors in Delhi, here is the list. 

Some Best IB Tuition In Delhi, And IB Tutors in Delhi

IB Classes 

IB Classes provides online IB tuition in Delhi, home IB Tuition in Delhi, and some other facilities as well. It provides online classes as well in addition to the offline classes, and therefore, you may take the IB tuition , from a remote location as well. IB Classes provides the best IB tutors in Delhi.

These IB tutors are well experienced and know well how to make students perform well in their subjects. For free Demo Class Register Here

Tuition India

It provides well experienced, and highly educated IB tutors in Delhi, and therefore ensures the better success rate of students. Its charges are quite affordable, and therefore, it is a reputed and well-performing IB tuition in Delhi. It also offers teachers to join their team to earn some more money. 

Top Class IB Tutors

It is also one of the best IB Tuition in Delhi and provides the most experienced and well-educated tutors for IB board students. IB tutor provides an online registration facility for teachers and students.

It provides tutors for all the subjects approved by the IB board. To contact them, you just need to fill up their contact form on their official website, and they will get back to you within the next 24 hours, or you may also call on their official contact number. 

IB Home Tutors 

It is one of the best performing IB tuition in Delhi, and provides quality IB tutors in Delhi, at affordable rates. It provides offline and online IB tuition in Delhi.

If you wish, it may even provide the IB tutors in Delhi, at your home, or you may visit the tuition center as well. It also provides the online IB tuition in Delhi. And therefore, you may easily get the tuition from any remote location as well. It offers tuition for all the IB subjects from group 1 to group 6.

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